Plant a pot and start a change

Is life too stressful, in need of some me-time, or want to change the world? Then plant a pot and get in touch with nature. Maybe you want to start some fresh organic food for yourself and your family? Maybe you want to make a small green space at home to relax? Maybe you want some pretty flowers? Maybe you want to do your bit to change the world and help the environment. Whatever it is, get started this year!

My garden provides me with all of the above and it started with planting a little pot. Now I have apple trees, pear trees, grapes, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, a host of vegetables, herbs and flowers. It is a little heaven for me and the many creatures I share it with. It is a space where I hang out with friends and also make more friends from sharing seeds, fruit and flowers. When I am feeling down its a breath of fresh air and a pick me up.

One of the things that gives me a great sense of peace is strolling in the garden after I wake up or sitting in a room of plants with my morning coffee. It gives me a sense of joy seeing the little changes each day; a new bloom, a seedling sprouting, a ripe fruit or an uncurling leaf. So here are some tips on how you could start and dip your toes in!

So when is the best time to start? Now! Be it a shelf, a balcony or a piece of land start now and always start small. Plant one plant and do it now!

What do you need? At the most basic level all you need is a pot, a plant or some seeds and of course water. So why wait? Up-cycle an old container, make a few holes in it and add some soil from the garden or compost. Insert your plant or sprinkle some seeds then and water and wait.

What to plant? Whatever you have an inkling for or love, do not be afraid. Here are some easy starters that I enjoy. If you want a lush green trail on a balcony, or off a shelf, try a money-plant. She is not fussy, happy with some sun or shade and brings good luck! There is the lore that where it thrives none will be short of money! Also according to Vastu it brings good fortune in the south east of a room. My grandmother said its most lucky if you steal a piece from a friend! Place a small cutting in a jar of water and once it roots plant it into pot. Alternatively grow it in a clear vase of water for a unusual elegant look.

An easy herb to try is Karpooravalli. She is medicinal for kids coughs, a few leaves make a great herbal tea, her smell keeps mosquitoes at bay and she can be used as a basil substitute. Place a sprig in a pot of soil and she will root. She hardly needs water, just keep her away from strong sunlight. Alternatively, if you want a flower, why not pop to a nursery and get a little rose? I suggest a Paneer rose, needs a little more care than the above two, but smells divine! So get potting! Start this decade with green fingers!

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